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Bids and public notices

JULY1 2024 MOD RFx 3150005556-notice-of-award 

FT RN IPS July 1 ,2024 notice of award

July 1 2024 FT RN JNH RFX 3510005595-notice-of-award


JULY1 2024 MOD RFx 3150005556-notice-of-intent-to-award

July 1 2024 FT RN JNH RFX 3510005595-notice-of-intent-to-award

FT RN IPS July 1 ,2024 intent to award notice

MOD 3/13-3/27


AwardedAUGUST 2023 JNH RN RFX 3510004992-notice-of-award

Awarded AUGUST 2023 IPS RN RFX 3510004993-notice-of-award

Awarded-JULY 2023 Region 9 award notice

AwardedAUG 2023 MOD-notice-of-award

Intent to award-Medical Officer on Duty

Intent to award-Outpatient Psychiatrist

AUGUST 2023 IPS RN RFX 3510004993-notice-of-intent-to-award.

AUGUST 2023 JNH RN RFX 3510004992-notice-of-intent-to-award.

Anesthesiologist Awarded Notice

MOD Award Notice

Psych Substance Award Notice

Psychiatry outpatient attending-notice of intent to award

Intent to award-psychiatry residency director-RFX 3150004943

IPS RN RFX 3140004770

JNH RN RFX 3150004761

Inpatient Psychiatrist RFX 3150004768

Intent to award RFX 3150004767 MOD


Intent to award RFX 3150004776 Psychiatrist Substance unit

Intent to award RFX 3150004766 anesthesiologist

dfa-JULY1 2023 Rn RFX 3510004761-notice-of-intent-to-award

dfa-JULY1 2023 Rn RFX 3510004770-notice-of-intent-to-award

Intent to award-Psychiatrist Substance Use Unit-Rfx 3150004776"

Intent to award-Psychiatrist- Inpatient services-RFx 3150004768

Intent to award-MOD-RFX 3150004767

Anesthesia Intent to Award RFx 3150004766


Request for applications-MOD-RFx 3150005012

9/14/22 Request for Applications- MOD

NOTICE of cancelled procurement RFX#3160005441

Patient Request For Medical Information Form

Notice: Request for Qualification

Notice: RFQ

Notice of RFA: Medical Officers On Duty

Notice of Intent to Award


Five Notices of Intent To Award

Did not hire/Notice of Debriefing

Notice of RFA: Full Time RN

NOTICE OF RFA, RFX 3150004342

RFA full time RN - Questions and Answers

Intent to Award Letter Non-offer Debriefing Letter

Non offer debriefing letter revised

Notice of Intent to Award

11 RN letters of intent

DFA Notice of Intent To Award for FTRN 7.1.22

Notice of Rejection letter-FTRN July 1 2022

Notice: Award Analysis 

Notice of Patient/Resident Privacy Rights

Joint Commission Public Notice 

MSH Public Notice


646000782 _Oak Circle Center_StandardCharges_v2 (1).xlsx

646000782_Mississippi State Hospital Psychiatric Facility_StandardCharges_v2.xlsx

646000782_Whitfield Medical Surgical Hospital_StandardCharges_v2.xlsx